Welcome to the official news blog of Silver Fox Studios. We will be using this blog to post news of special interest related to our studio.

For our very first post, we felt it fitting to give some attention to the Fox, well our Fox logo that is, and how it was created and evolved over the years.

It’s an interesting story on how the name Silver Fox came about. Back in 1973, after working as a creative director for several large advertising agencies throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Fred Marzocchi decided to venture out on his own as a freelancer. The fun and creative person he is, Fred asked his fellow advertising friends to come up with a name for his studio and they all agreed it should be Silver Fox Studios. After all, Fred with his distinguished ‘silver’ hair had been called the Silver Fox for several years. Hence, Silver Fox Studios was born.

In 1979, he took his successful freelance business and went incorporated, renting a nice size building in Pawtucket with artist space and a photography studio.  He took along several of his previous co-workers, one of them being Mary Machado. Being a huge fan of Walt Disney’s he strived to keep Silver Fox Studios, Inc. a specialty, creative design studio which was one of the first of its kind in the state. Together, he and his team flourished and brought in many clients. Thirty-two years later, we are still here servicing clients throughout the area.

The logo over the years has gone through subtle transitions, reflecting the style of the times yet always being one step ahead.

 1973 – The Original Fox

Fred created the original Fox to have a sleek, yet simple design. Incorporating it onto letterhead, envelope and business card. It became so popular with clients that it instantly turned into a brand.

1979 – The First Fox Makeover

Many years later, Fred decided the Fox needed a change. Something fresh and new. Using special airbrushing techniques he gave the Fox more detail, changed the shape and added an overall more artistic feel to it. This version was so well liked, it was used well into the 90’s.

1991 – The Fox Gets Streamlined

Now that metallic inks were fast becoming a hit in the design/print industry, Fred decided to use the look to upgrade the Fox once again. Using the version from 1979, he cleaned up the Fox and gave him a chrome/metallic feel. This is when the Fox started to look more futuristic.

2011 – Present Day Fox

Our current Fox logo is a combination of all its predecessors; silver, sleek yet much more simplified. The eyes have changed, the details more elegant. It’s a look that really reflects the times and one we are proud of going forward as we launch our new website!


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